LOVE IS THE SOUL’S LIGHT FREE INFORMATION FIELDS in Lebanon 4th – 6th of August 2017

Do you wish to transform your mind and habits that are conditioned by religio-cultural collectivity? Would you like to experience a life in liberty and free creative spaces?

The workshop FREE INFORMATION FIELDS initiates you into the full work with free information fields. Free information is not bound to the linearity of the mind but acts analogue and unconditioned. It is an unskilled and non-preserved free knowledge, which we already use intuitively. 
The integral healing form of the Workshop leads you into interaction with free information fields and sensitizes your perception for a holistic form of communication: The META- COMMUNICATION. Through this initiation your mind borders open completely and you reconnect to your primal/aboriginal conscious state. It also heals the fragmented identity on all levels of suffering to finally experience yourself in peace. 
The work acts on a deep cellular level which heals the deepest hardenings in your body mind and offers you enough space for individual healing topics. Based on exercises, intensive healing sessions and energetic processes with the group, you will learn the basic access and how to use this integral healing for yourself (intensive self-healing) and for others (accompanying healing session)
The resolution and deconditioning of your topics happen holistically as well the spectrum biography, collective, principles, dna…

is a holistic health practitioner for an integral development within German-speaking countries.
Since over 10 years she guides people towards deep changing processes and works with an integral healing form, which she has developed over the years and created in 2017. She conducts intensive workshops focusing on specific topics, offering basic training concerning the FREE INFORMATION FIELDS, while she opens healing spaces for individual and collective healing processes. The heart of her work is the reconnection with our „origin self“, which is the very aware part within us that has never forgotten the Oneness.


BYBLOS  << Libanon >>
…die meisten der weltweit ältesten Städte befinden sich im heutigen Libanon und leider liegen viele weitere Städte, die vor mehr als 3000 Jahren gegründet wurden, ebenfalls in Krisen- und manche sogar in Kriegsgebieten wie z.B. Arbil im Irak…
Byblos ist die zweitälteste Stadt der Welt!

Leben und arbeiten in Byblos mit Mensch, Zedern und Papyrusrolle…!